Our Vision Statement

We envision Flowery Branch Elementary as a foundation of future success for all students through the implementation of the following effective school practices:


  • Balance between teacher-directed and student-centered learning
  • Modifying/ extending curriculum to meet individual student needs
  • Integration of technology across grade levels
  • Curriculum alignment across grade levels
  • Each grade level clearly communicates the curriculum to parents


  • Research-based learning experiences
  • Meeting individuals student needs through a variety of strategies and modalities
  • Shared commitment to increase student achievement
  • Grade level collaborative planning
  • Cross-grade level communication related to student achievement
  • Integrated, thematic instruction
  • School-based professional development to enhance teacher effectiveness


  • Variety of on-going evaluation techniques
  • Assessments linked to instruction
  • Evaluations used to identify strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of acceleration and remediation
  • Communicating student progress in a variety of ways


  • Safe and nurturing environment
  • Fosters Mutual respect
  • Effective communication and continued involvement among the school, parents, and members of the community


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